• The fourth 'Antonio Cassese' lecture - on the topic "Srebrenica 1995-2015: The Search for Justice" - will take place on 19 and 20 November 2015 at the University of Florence.

    The event will see the participation of many international scholars and practitioners, including Micaela Frulli (University of Florence) and Luisa Vierucci (University of Florence), both members of the Steering Committee of the Antonio Cassese Initiative.

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  • Book review: Francesca Borri, "La Guerra Dentro", Bompiani, 2014

    Francesca Borri is a freelance journalist who, in 2012, decided to go to Syria to cover on-site the conflict between Bashar al-Assad’s forces and a variegated ensemble of rebel groups. La Guerra Dentro is the collection of her memories and thoughts throughout the months she spent trying to understand, report and make us understand Syrians and their ordinary life of need and fear...

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  • Antonio Cassese Initiative Prize

    The Jury for the Antonio Cassese Initiative Prize is pleased to announce that the winner of the Prize is Ms Hemi Mistry for her paper on The Paradox of Dissent: Judicial Dissent and the Project of International Criminal Justice.

    In awarding the Prize to Ms Hemi Mistry the Jury unanimously commends Ms Mistry for providing a  fresh view on the role played by dissent in relation to international criminal justice project and for putting forward a lucid reading on dissentient jurisprudence and practice at international criminal courts and tribunals.

    The awarding of this Prize is made possible thanks to the Stichting Praemium Erasmianum and Oxford University Press.

  • Transitional Justice Summer School: apply now!

    The 2015 Antonio Cassese Summer School offers an intensive course on transitional justice principles and processes, with a special focus on post-conflict situations. Based on both scholarly and practitioner expertise across a range of areas (including human rights, international criminal law, security reform, legal philosophy, gender politics) and country situations, the programme combines a general course on transitional justice with complementary topic-specific lectures. The general course will be delivered by leading transitional justice scholar Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Professor,  Ulster University’s Transitional Justice Institute. (download flyer)

  • A Letter from the Antonio Cassese Initiative

    (April 2014, issue no. 1)

    “Meanwhile, I write”
    International Law seen from Aleppo

    by Francesca Borri (in the picture, while in Syria)

    The dead here are always in pairs. Next to a dead body, there is always the corpse of someone who instinctively ran to the rescue, and was hit by a sniper, or by a second missile - because nothing, in Aleppo, is more dangerous than a hospital, a bread line. Than a market. Nothing is more targeted than civilians.......
    To continue reading the 2014 first issue of the Antonio Cassese Initiative letter in pdf, clik here.

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